Payments Journal Webinar

Learn How to Transform Your Data into a Profit Center

Maximize your data revenue while minimizing your risk!

Payments data can be a valuable asset to your business – driving a competitive advantage, launching new products or creating operational efficiencies. However, many organizations struggle to extract value from their data due to data being trapped in silos, lack of data knowledge or expertise, fear of headline or reputational risk, and data privacy regulations and compliance.

ARM Insight met with Mercator Advisory Group to discuss these topics in greater detail. You can have access to these discussion points today. Simply fill out the form to the right to download the webinar slides and view our recorded webinar and the notes that highlight the importance of this valuable asset!

You will understand more about the following after reviewing these valuable resources:

  • Examples of organizations that are currently using their payments data to drive significant business values
  • How you can open up new revenue opportunities through data monetization
  • Understanding how synthetic data is the “breakthrough” data set


Download and view today so you can learn how to explore these new revenue opportunities by gaining a better understanding of data monetization!

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